Ebook Instructions

Braun Ink e-books are available in three formats: EPUB, MOBI, and PDF.

  • EPUB is the industry standard and is supported by most touch devices (like Apple and Android devices) and apps.
  • MOBI is supported by Amazon’s Kindle and Kindle apps.
  • PDF can be read using Adobe Acrobat or Preview (Mac OS), as well as many other devices and apps.

Ways You Can Read Braun Collection Books

After completing your order, you’ll receive two emails from us: an order confirmation, and one with a link to your e-book downloads. Click the Download button, and you’ll see a page with the e-book formats for you to choose which you want to use.


Drag the EPUB file into iTunes and sync your device. If you’re reading on a Mac or iPad, use the iBooks desktop app to open and read the EPUB file. Some newer versions of iBooks open the EPUB directly so that you don’t need to sync through iTunes.

Adobe Digital Editions

Adobe Digital Editions is a free EPUB e-reading app. available in most app stores. Download it onto your device, open the app, and then open the Braun Collection EPUB file from wherever you chose to store it on your device.

Kindle eReader App

If you’re reading on a computer, use the Kindle desktop app to open and read the MOBI file. The Kindle desktop app is available free in most app stores.

Kindle Device

Attach your MOBI file to an email and send it to your Kindle’s email address: 

  • Go to Amazon.com, log in, and go to Manage Your Devices. Click Your Devices to find your Kindle email address. Take note of your Kindle email address.
  • Also, make sure whatever e-mail you’re sending the MOBI file from is in the approved sender list. To do that, click Settings, scroll to Personal Document Settings, and find your Approved Personal Document E-Mail List.

Make sure, when you go to your Kindle after e-mailing the file, that you sync it so that it gets the file.

    Google Play Books

    Upload your e-book to your books in Google Play, then open the Google Play Books app on your device to start reading.

    Saving to iCloud

    If you’re using iCloud Sync, iBooks will sync any e-books you add to all your devices. Be sure to select iBooks under the iCloud sync options on your devices.

    Having trouble getting e-books to work? Email us at info@braunink.com and we’ll help.