Growing Our Company the Old-Fashioned Way, the ColorMatrix Story



Chemical salesmen John Haugh and Michael Shaughnessy innovate in the global plastics industry. They finance the growth of their polymers company, ColorMatrix, by obsessively selling products, and they call their simple plan “SALES FIRST!” With SALES FIRST!, they grow their company to hundreds of million in revenues and value. In the process, they help change an industry and create hundreds of jobs in the Rust Belt.

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Optimal Courses:

Undergraduate or graduate business classes in:

  • Entrepreneurship/Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Strategy
  • General Management.


  • Incremental Innovation
  • Sales & Selling
  • Stages of Growth
  • Finance & Fundraising
  • Joint Ventures
  • Creating Jobs.

Competencies Developed:

  • Summarize & Synthesize topics & themes
  • Critically Appraise & Develop Arguments about business leadership
  • Offer Support using facts & text
  • Personally Reflect on executive leadership & decisions
  • Show Curiosity.

The Teaching Pack Includes:


About 180 pages, the e-book takes 2-3 hours to read. You will get all three common e-book formats: MOBI, EPUB, PDF.

Softcover Book

About 180 pages, the softcover book takes 2-3 hours to read.

Quick Notes

Quick Notes provide you with the book’s plot, characters, and themes in a few easy-to-read pages.

PowerPoint Presentation

This presentation provides you with an outline of the book’s topics and also offers a deep dive into some.

Video Short

The short, 5-10 minute video summarizes the background of the executive actions taken, and decisions made.

Teaching Note

Teaching Note offers suggestions on questions for class discussion (written or oral), organized by topic and competency.

Guest Lecture*

Becca Braun—MBA, guest-lecturer, entrepreneur, and “supporting author”/co-author of the materials—provides a custom-designed guest lecture so the story is told and taught in your classroom. Can be in-person or via video.

*Only Available with the “Teaching Pack with Guest Lecture” or "Teaching Pack with Guest Lecture & Video Visit.”

Live Video Visit**

A live video visit connects you directly with the executive-author-subject in a live Zoom-type session. Educators and students can ask questions.

**Only Available with the “Teaching Pack with Video Visit” or "Teaching Pack with Guest Lecture & Video Visit.”

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