Talk About a Bail-Out!

Charlie Braun and Custom Rubber Corp.

Talk About a Bail-Out!

Talk About a Bail-Out!

Talk about a Bail-Out! tells the story of Charlie Braun, president, CEO, and owner of a small manufacturing business in Cleveland, Ohio. An employee desperately requests that Charlie pay bail for him so he can get to work and keep his job. Should Charlie pay bail or give a loan, or ignore the request entirely?

At 8 pages and 16 panels, including 2 pages of end notes for added depth in some topics, the comic book takes 5-10 minutes to read.

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Optimal Courses:

Introductory undergraduate classes in:

  • Entrepreneurship & Small Business
  • Leadership
  • Human Resources.

Topics Covered:

  • Leadership of a Small Manufacturing Business
  • Employee Assistance Programs & Human Resources
  • Living Wages
  • Globalization & Global Competition.

Competencies Developed:

  • Restate
  • Synthesize
  • Develop & Support Arguments
  • Reflect
  • Show Curiosity

The Teaching Pack Includes:

E-Comic Book

8 pages, 16 panels, including 2 pages of end notes for additional depth in certain topics, it takes ~5 minutes to read. It comes as a printable PDF that looks great on mobile phone and computer screens alike.

Teaching Note

This offers suggestions for homework and classroom discussion.

Guest Lecture*

Becca Braun—MBA, guest-lecturer, entrepreneur, and “supporting author”/co-author of the materials—provides a custom-designed guest lecture so the story is told and taught in your classroom. Can be in-person or via video.

*Only Available with the “Teaching Pack with Guest Lecture or "Teaching Pack with Guest Lecture & Video Visit.

Live Video Visit**

Use this text to share information about your brand with your customers. A live video conference connects you directly with the subject of the comic book (the executive) in real time. Students can ask the executive questions about the business and the path or decision.

**Only Available with the “Teaching Pack with Video Visit or "Teaching Pack with Guest Lecture & Video Visit.

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